Before you travel to Greenland

Anyone entering Greenland must fill out a SUMUT form and have a receipt documenting this:

The SUMUT form applies to all passengers, including fully vaccinated persons.

The purpose of the SUMUT form is to collect information relating to all people entering the country, so that if necessary, the National Board of Health in Greenland (“Landslægeembedet”) can use the information for contact tracing. It is therefore important that all the information given in the SUMUT form is as accurate as possible, including travel dates, the address where you are staying and your telephone number.

You must have first purchased a flight ticket before you can fill out the SUMUT form, since your booking number must also be included in the form.

you can choose to submit your SUMUT form via Rigshospitalet (the main hospital in Copenhagen). If you submit your form to Rigshospitalet, you give your consent to Rigshospitalet sending your test result to Air Greenland. Air Greenland will receive your name, test result and test ID. The information is sent securely, and Air Greenland deletes the information after use.

E-mail receipt
Once you have filled in the SUMUT form and submitted it, you will receive an email receipt, which you must use during your journey. The e-mail receipt can be shown to personnel at the airport check-in desk, either in hard copy or electronically. It is therefore important that you double check to make sure your information agrees with your travel plan.

If you any questions about filling out the SUMUT form:

  • Contact us by telephone, at +299 80 11 00
  • Or send an e-mail, to

If you have access to a PC, the internet, printer etc., you can:

  • Contact your nearest Greenlandic Centre. For contact information, go to
  • Contact the Greenland Representation (Greenlandic Government’s representation in Denmark) by telephone, at +45 3283 3800 and make an appointment with two days’ notice.


Travellers to Greenland must show documentation of a negative result from a COVID-19 test, which must be a PCR test and may be up to a maximum of 72 hours (three days) old from the time of departure.

Book a test

Tests are offered all over Denmark. The public test centres are approved and are recommended. NB: Some private test centres our approved but may require payment, which you must pay at your own cost.

To find the location of test centres in Denmark, go to: Test center DK

NB: Not all test centres carry out PCR tests.

Please note that during some periods it can be difficult booking a time for a test due to large demand and long waiting times.

Book a test via Rigshospitalet

If you intend to travel to Greenland, you can book a time for a test via Rigshospitalet (

The following Information must be stated in your booking e-mail to Rigshospitalet:

  • A receipt e-mail for a filled-out SMUT form
  • Name
  • Personal identity number (CPR)
  • Telephone number, which can be used in Denmark
  • Active e-mail address
  • Departure date to Greenland
  • If you want to personally book a time for a test at (requires NemID digital signature), or want Rigshospitalet to book a time for a test for you. If it is the latter, you must send an e-mail and state the test date and test location you want. Rigshospitalet will then send an e-mail to the e-mail address you provided
    containing the information relating to the time and location for the test.

Test result and response time

You can see your test result at

If you personally book a test rather than using Rigshospitalet, for example at, via your own doctor or one of the private test centres, then you are responsible for:

  1. Documenting the receipt of the negative test result
  2. Ensuring that you have a test result before you begin your journey

The test result must contain the following information:

  • “Tested for COVID-19”. NB: It must not be an antibodies test
  • Your name
  • Date of birth
  • Test date
  • Test result

The response time for the test result depends on whether the test was booked via Rigshospitalet or not, and where it was carried out in Denmark.

Air Greenland receives a list of the test results from Rigshospitalet of the persons who booked their tests via Rigshospitalet. They can see your test result when you arrive at the check-in desk. This is a solution for you if you do not have an NemID (digital signature) and who therefore cannot personally show your test result.

NB: if you cannot show a negative test result before your journey, you are personally responsible for paying for extra costs.

Test for foreign travellers

Please note that Greenland and Denmark have different rules that apply to foreign arrivals.

The following requirements must be met when travelling to Greenland:

  • The test must be carried out at a public clinic or at an approved clinic in a Nordic country (Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, the Faeroe Islands or Iceland).
  • The test must be a PCR-RNA, RT-PCR or SARS-CoV-2-test (in the case of a PCR test, the test sample is normally taken from the throat. The test must not be an antigen test, where normally the test sample is taken from the nose).
  • The test may not be more than 72 hours old (three days old) at the time of departure. If you are travelling through a quarantine country, there is a further requirement that the test must be carried out no earlier than three days before the time of entry into Denmark. For more details, go to

Travellers from countries outside of the Kingdom of Denmark must personally book a test time in one of the Nordic countries and get a negative test result from a PCR test.

The test result must be written in Greenlandic, Danish or English.

The time requirements for the test result must be met in a way that means the traveller can get tested in his or her own country and still make their ongoing connection in Denmark to Greenland within the three days. If this is not possible, the traveller must factor in time to get tested again in Denmark.

Travellers from outside the Kingdom of Denmark cannot use the public test centres (national test centres incl. the ones at Copenhagen Airport or hospital test centres) as none of these centres issue test result certificates to the travellers. A test result certificate must be provided to Air Greenland at the check-in desk.

You are considered fully vaccinated against COVID-19 14 days after your last dose of the vaccine. You must be able to procure the appropriate official approved documentation.

Even though you are fully vaccinated, you still have to get a receipt for a SUMUT form and documentation for a negative COVID-19 test, which may be at most be 72 hours (three days) old at the time of departure.

If you are fully vaccinated you do not need to quarantine at home when you arrive in Greenland and you do not need to take another test after you have arrived. You must be able to document your vaccination status when requested by personnel.

Generally, the rules that apply to other travellers apply also apply to persons who have been previously infected with COVID-19. If you have previously been infected with COVID-19 and can provide documentation showing a positive result from a PCR test, which at the time of arrival is at least 14 days old and at the most 12 weeks old, then the rules that apply to fully vaccinated persons apply to you.

If your test result is positive before departure, then you must:

  • Not travel to the airport
  • Immediately isolate and follow the local guidelines for persons infected with COVID-19.
  • You must personally pay for any extra costs involved.
  • You may only travel to Greenland after you have tested negative for COVID-19.

You will be able to rebook your ticket to another date, when you can show a negative test result.

If you have symptoms of COVID-19, it is important that you do not go to the airport. You will be turned away at the gate if you exhibit symptoms. Learn more about “If you have symptoms

We recommend that you bring face masks to the airport, since you must wear a face mask during your journey on the plane and in the airport. This applies to all individuals aged 12 years or older and cabin crew, with few exceptions.

Also see the Government of Greenland’s executive order on the conditions for travelling to Greenland and travelling in Greenland:

The Government of Greenland’s executive order on conditions for travelling to Greenland and travelling in Greenland.