Videos and posters

You can download posters and see videos with good advice and requests from the authorities here.

Posters for businesses

No access for people who are quarantining at home

Do you have COVID-19 symptoms? Then do not enter!

How Greenland stands together against Coronavirus/COVID-19

Advice about the coronavirus for people at drop-in centres and youth hostels.

Information brochure

Keep to a safe distance!

Do you have COVID-19 symptoms? Then do not enter the store!

Wash your hands

Posters for citizens

Wear a face mask

How to wear a face mask correctly

Tusaannga – for children and young people

Greenland opening – remember the good advice

Good advice about mental health

Who do I contact for information about coronavirus infection?

Protect yourself and other people

How to protect ourselves and each other from infection from the coronavirus in schools:

  • Sick pupils, teachers and other members of staff must stay at home.
  • Wash hands regularly using soap and water. Or use hand sanitiser.
  • Ensure desks and other surfaces are washed and disinfected on a daily basis.
  • Keep to a safe distance.

Source: UNICEF:


1. How we protect ourselves and othersDownload

2. Stay at homeDownload

3. Wash handsDownload

4. Daily cleaningDownload

5. Keep to a safe distanceDownload

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