Greenland’s COVID-19 strategy

Greenland is an island with few arrival points and a population that lives in cities and settlements that are far apart. This means there are completely unique opportunities to set up special and effective measures to prevent the spread of infection. The strategy reflects this.

The overall strategy

The overall strategy in Greenland is to avoid the spread of infection in society.

The overall goals for the strategy are as follows:

  • Avoid as much as possible health consequences with many ill or dead.
  • Avoid major stress to the Health Service, so that it can operate normally and maintain the normal functions and thus contribute to the health of society.
  • Avoid major and costly lockdowns that have a significant impact on society. Thus ensure the operation of all crucial societal structures, such as the education sector. Most of the business community must also be able to keep operating.

The concrete goals

The concrete goals for the strategy are as follows:

  • Avoid infected people from entering Greenland.
  • If infected people do enter the country, avoid major outbreaks.
  • Avoid an epidemic caused by the infection spreading to several locations in Greenland at the same time.

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