You may cease isolating after you have had a positive PCR test result when:

If you have symptoms:

  • 48 hours have passed since you last had any symptoms
  • 10 days have passed after the point when the symptoms started, if you have had two fever free days in a row (without taking any temperature-lowering medicine) and have been feeling much better. It is acceptable with mild remaining symptoms, such as a light cough, loss of taste or smell, headache or tiredness

If you don’t have symptoms:

  • 7 days have passed since the test was taken (not 7 days after you received the test result) if you have not had any symptoms.


You can end isolation and consider yourself well again on the basis of the criteria above.

You don’t have to report to the health service that you are no longer sick.

The health services will not contact you to report that you are well again unless you were seriously ill from COVID-19 or are immunocompromised as a consequence of illness or medicine.

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