People at particular risk of serious illness

The following people are at particular risk of more serious illness and must therefore get a PCR test if they are close contacts to an infected person. Read more about when you are considered a close contact, here.

  • People aged 80+ years. This applies regardless of whether you are healthy or have chronic diseases and conditions.
  • People aged 65-79 years. Many healthy and fit people in this age group are not at increased risk, but people with e.g. chronic diseases or mental and physical conditions etc. is at risk of more serious illness.
  • People under the age of 65. Very few in this age group are at increased risk, but people with certain chronic diseases, obesity with a BMI of 35 or above, and/or a weakened immune system are considered to be at increased risk. For the majority of the younger people in this group, there is a lesser increased risk.
  • Children and young people with certain chronic illness. The children and young people who may be at increased risk are typically those children who also took special precautions before the COVID-19 epidemic, e.g. precautions at school/day care. These children are typically followed by specialist clinics.
  • Residents of retirement homes, nursing homes etc. Residents of nursing homes are at increased risk, as they are most often elderly and have chronic diseases, disablities and fragile health.
  • Pregnant. Pregnant women are considered to be at increased risk for the sake of both the pregnant woman and the unborn child.

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