If you test positive

If your test is positive, it means you are infected with the coronavirus.

If you have tested positive for the coronavirus, you will be contacted by the National Board of Health in Greenland (“Landslægeembedet”). In addition, the Corona Secretariat acting for the National Board of Health in Greenland will contact you within 24 hours in order to trace your close contacts, i.e. the people who have been in close physical contact and as a result may have been infected.

You should isolate – even if you are fully vaccinated – if:

  1. You have COVID-19 symptoms and are awaiting the result of a test.
  2. You have tested positive for COVID-19 but are well enough to stay at home.

Isolation means:

  1. You must not leave your home unless it is necessary, e.g. related to a test.
    • You can of course go for walk outside but you must keep to a safe distance from other people.
  2. Avoid physical contact with other people and the people you live with.
  3. You must as much as possible stay in a separate room.
  4. Use as much as possible access to a separate toilet and bathing facilities.
  5. Stay at home if there is no increased risk of complicated illness in any of the people that you live with.
  6. Get consent from the other household members to isolate in the home.
  7. Pay attention to your symptoms becoming worse.

You may cease isolating after you have had a positive PCR test result when:

  • 48 hours have passed since you last had any symptoms, or
  • 10 days have passed after the point when the symptoms started, if you have had two fever free days in a row (without taking any temperature-lowering medicine) and have been feeling much better. It is acceptable with mild remaining symptoms, such as a light cough, loss of taste or smell, or tiredness or
  • 7 days have passed since the test was taken (not 7 days after you received the test result) if you have not had any symptoms.

You will be notified that you are well again by the health services who will call you up.