Information in the corona passport

Once you are fully vaccinated, your Coronapas (Danish digital covid certificate) will be available in the app, also known as, “Coronapas” or via

Coronapas (the Danish digital covid certificate) contains information about:

  • Covid pass – COVID-19 vaccination (carried out in Denmark and Greenland)

What will be stated on your Coronapas (Danish digital covid certificate) if you are a resident of Greenland:

  • Information showing whether you are vaccinated against COVID-19 or not.
  • Test results from PCR tests taken in Denmark.

Your digital covid pass will not state:

  • Test results from Greenland.
  • Immunity for persons residing in Greenland, as this data cannot be exchanged with the authorities in Denmark.

Click here to learn more about the Danish digital covid pass, known as Coronapas.

EU Covid Digital Certificate

The Danish digital covid certificate, known as Coronapas, complies with the requirements for the EU covid digital certificate.

You can see/show your EU covid digital certificate in English when you select the “EU/International travel” option in the ‘Coronapas’ app.


Please note that several countries have requirements when it comes to entry into those countries. You are personally responsible for staying informed and up to date in relation to local travel restrictions that apply to your destination. Click here to read the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark’s travel guidelines.

It is a good idea to print out your covid digital certificate (in English) so that you can always show it if required, for example, by a foreign authority.

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