Corona passport (digital EU COVID certificate)

People in Greenland who have been vaccinated can now have a corona passport.

The corona passport is primarily for people travelling from Greenland to Denmark or Europe and who need to document that they have been vaccinated against COVID-19.

The Danish corona passport (“Coronapas” in Danish) permits unrestricted access to restaurants, concerts, sports facilities and much more throughout Europe. In some countries, you must show your corona passport upon arrival. There has therefore long been strong demand for the corona passport in Greenland.

The corona passport contains information about your vaccination status and PCR test in Denmark.

It is does not contain all of the same information that is contained in the corona passport that is issued to Danish citizens. For example, it does not show information about immunity from having been previously infected with COVID-19.

What What you can see What you cannot see
COVID-19 vaccination X  
PCR test from Denmark X  
PCR test from Greenland   X
Immunity   X

The Danish corona passport is valid during the period 14–42 days after the first vaccination dose was given. The documentation will be valid as a corona passport from 14 days after the first vaccination dose and up until 42 days after the first vaccination dose. It is expected that most people in Greenland will receive their second vaccination dose at the most 42 days after their first vaccination dose.

If you have any questions about the coronavirus, then contact the coronavirus hotline at +299 801100 or by e-mail at